Alyssa Keil Consulting was started to transform the way the online world thinks about impact. And that work starts with us. Below you'll find our own social impact commitment. We hope it inspires you to use your own business for good, and as always, we welcome any and all feedback.

Our social impact objective:

Entrepreneurship has the ability to completely transform a person's life. Entrepreneurship is also a risk that is easier to take if your basic needs, such as food and housing, are met. In order to help make entrepreneurship a viable option for everyone, our social impact activities are focused on helping vulnerable communities meet their basic needs.

We do this through:


Using time for social impact can look like volunteering and or contributing work at no cost to the recipient. We currently do not have any ongoing volunteer engagements, but would love to work with nonprofit organizations or similar groups that feel that our knowledge and time could be helpful to them.


We are committed to using the space our business takes up to promote and share messages critical to creating a more just and equitable world. This includes commenting on current events and moments of injustice, and sharing the world of marginalized voices. If there is ever an event or topic you feel we should be speaking about, please reach out.


5% of all revenue is donated to 501(c)(3) organizations working on helping people meet their basic needs. As a NYC-based company, we prioritize New York City-based nonprofits and those that are run by people with lived experiences tied to the mission of the organization.

Currently, we donate monthly to VOCAL-NY.