A 5-week, small group program for the online entrepreneur that is ready to join a new league of business focused on true impact.


Here's the thing...

The online business world is incredible in a lot of ways.

It creates opportunities for people who can't or don't want to participate in a traditional 9-5; It allows people to provide and receive support for any issue imaginable; And it's given rise to a generation of businesses built around people rather than products.

But for an industry that has completely co-opted the word "impact", there is a staggering lack of focus on positive impact for anyone other than a business' clients.

Fortunately, I don't believe this lack of focus on social impact is intentional for most people. Instead, I recognize that until we see something done, it's hard to believe we can do it, too.

Enter: The Impact Institute, the only social impact program designed specifically for online businesses.

This may be for you if...

  • You've been in business anywhere from one to month to a bajillion years. As long as you know that you want to have a positive impact on the world, it doesn't matter how long you've been an entrepreneur or how much money you've made. Social impact is available for everyone.
  • You either have causes you care about and struggle to articulate how they connect to your business, or you have a business mission you love but can't yet see how it relates to bigger social issues.
  • You've thought about what giving back could look like in your business, but none of the coaches you've hired or programs you've gone through have talked about this, so you're not sure where to start...or even if you should.
  • You've nearly called it quits on online business because you're sick of an industry the claims to be all about impact, but fails to show up when it matters.

Hi, I'm Alyssa.

After working on several different social issues in the nonprofit world, I started my first online business in early 2019 providing money coaching to other young professionals in the nonprofit world. And for a year and a half, I...liked it. I loved the practice of coaching and helping people meet their financial goals, but there was always something missing. In my 9-5 career, I was having a real impact on big issues like financial security, homelessness, and domestic violence. But in my business, I was only helping people who could afford to pay hundreds of dollars per month for coaching.

It didn't sit right with me.

Then when the world went to shit in 2020, I realized how unprepared the entirety of the online business space was to show up when it actually mattered. And even I, someone who will discuss politics anytime, any day, even in my 9-5, was overwhelmed because I'd never seen a big-name online entrepreneur use their platform to draw attention to social issues.

So, I closed down my money coaching business and pivoted to bringing my advocacy and social impact skills from my 9-5 into the online space.

I created the Impact Institute to help entrepreneurs at all levels of business build their foundational knowledge of what it truly means to have an impact.

The Impact Institute

A 5-week, small group program for the online entrepreneur that is ready to join a new league of businesses focused on true impact.

Join us!

Call Breakdown

The Impact Institute consists of 5 weekly, 90 minute calls meant to support you in building a solid foundational knowledge of what social impact means in the context of the online business world and how you can apply it within your own business. Here's what we'll cover:

Week 1: History of Corporate Social Responsibility

We'll begin with some level-setting around where the idea of social impact comes from and how it's evolved over time.

Week 2: Social Impact in the Online Space

Next we'll look at not only how online business is able to create positive social impact, but why it's so well-primed to do so.

Week 3: Systems that Support Impact

Just like anything else in business, if your social impact work is going to be a sustainable part of your business, it needs to be systematized. This week we'll talk all about what it looks like to implement a sustainable strategy.

Week 4: Creating and Implementing Your Unique Impact Strategy

We'll take everything we've covered so far and put together your personalized impact plan, aligned with your unique business and passions.

Week 5: Evaluating and Reporting Your Impact

Learn how to evaluate how much of an impact you've made and how to share that with your audience in a cringe-free way.

Throughout the program, we'll also have a private Slack or Facebook (TBD based on input from the group) group to use to ask questions and communicate in between calls!

BONUS: Join before September 8th at 11:59pm EST and get 1 private call with Alyssa to use anytime during the program.

Ready to be part of a new generation of online entrepreneur focused on using business for good?

Join us for the inaugural round of the Impact Institute.

Order Summary
Impact Institute

Some questions you might have...

I wholeheartedly believe that social impact has a place in EVERY business.

And, I recognize that a lot of emotions and feelings can come up when thinking about how your business impacts the world in intentional and unintentional ways.

Before you join the Institute, let's make sure it's right for you.

You said this is for entrepreneurs at all levels. Is that really true?

Yes! Just like a social media or launch strategy will look different from one business to another depending on things like team size, income level, and personal capacity, so will your social impact work. Within the Impact Institute, we'll talk about how to design an impact strategy that works for your business now and as it evolves.

I want to learn more about social impact before I begin implementing anything in my business. Is that okay?

Yepppp. That's actually exactly why I created this program. Social impact isn't talked about in the online space. It's just not. And before we, as an industry, can make giving back a mainstream part of business, we need a lot more people with a foundational knowledge of it so that they can teach it to their clients and peers. The Impact Institute gives you this foundation and only brings in implementation at the end, once you're good and ready.

Will we be talking about more than just donating money?

Abso-freakin-lutely. Social impact is SO MUCH MORE than just giving monetary donations. If your business isn't yet making enough for you to feel comfortable donating, or if you're already giving on a regular basis, that's okay! In the Impact Institute, we'll talk about how to get creative and have fun supporting the causes you care about.

When will you run this again?

I don't actually know. This is the program that I felt that my clients and audience needed right now, but that may change in the future. What I do know is that if I run this again, the price won't be this low again. So if you're interested in building your knowledge of social impact AND want to take advantage of founding member pricing, now is the time to join.

Are you in?

I'm in!