Apply for Impact Management

As a social impact management client, you'll have Alyssa on your team to help you strategize and execute your social impact strategy month after month.

Impact management is for you if you are:

  • Proud of the business you've built, and know that it and you have the power to make an even greater impact in the world.
  • Committed to making social impact a core, sustainable piece of your business.
  • Looking for an experienced social impact expert to support your team in implementing and executing impact-driven initiatives

Each social impact management engagement is completely customized to your business. To help you see what's possible, here are two examples of what our work together might look like:

I'm all in...

For businesses with lofty impact goals and teams that don't currently have the capacity to execute on them, I'm there to handle everything from A to Z.

We'll work together to map out your overarching impact strategy and I'll take it from there by:

  • Designing and coordinating initiatives like team and client volunteer days
  • Researching organizations to donate and partner with
  • Creating social posts and emails to share about the massive impact your business is having
  • Keep you up to date on important current events and political issues relevant to your business, your ideal client, and the causes you care about

Guidance where you need it....

If your current team is equipped to manage the execution of your social impact plan, but you need an expert to provide guidance and accountability along the way, I'm there to:

  • Co-create your social impact strategy and plan
  • Develop and delegate workplans to your team
  • Check-in with team members to ensure progress towards their goals
  • Provide educational resources and technical assistance to your team to build their capacity to manage social impact initiatives

What’s included:

No matter what our work together encompasses, at a minimum, you'll receive:

  • Quarterly 90-minute strategy sessions to co-create your social impact plan for the next 3 months
  • Monthly check-in calls to ensure progress towards our goals
  • Monthly write-ups of current events and resources relevant to helping you become more aware of social and systemic issues affecting your business and clients

If any of this sounds like the support you might want in building a business that has true impact on the world, I invite you to book a call with me below. I can't wait to chat with you!