Advocate to Elevate

Embedding Social Responsibility in Online Business in 15 Minutes a Day

Masterclass • Wednesday, July 29th • 1pm ET

Alyssa Keil - Advocacy Consultant

This masterclass is for you if...

  • You're a mission-driven online entrepreneur that believes in your power to change the world
  • The last few months have pushed you to speak up and out about critical topics like never before
  • Though you've been happy to use your platform in this way, you don't know how to bring advocacy into your business in a sustainable and easy way

What We'll Cover

  • The 3 reasons your business is suffering by not incorporating social responsibility
  • Advocacy in Entrepreneurship 101
  • Your unique social responsibility and impact strategy
  • 5 simple advocacy actions you can take NOW

Leave the masterclass with all the tools you need to amplify the impact you have on your clients, the world, and your bottom line.

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About Your Facilitator

Hi! I'm Alyssa, an advocacy consultant for online entrepreneurs. You and I both know the unlimited power of the online business space. And I know that the greatest way to create long lasting change in the world is through consistent, tailored advocacy.

So, after nearly 6 years working in advocacy/public policy in the nonprofit sector, and nearly 2 years running my own online coaching business, I realized the potential of combining these two industries. Now I work with online entrepreneurs to develop and implement their unique advocacy strategy, so that their impact is no longer limited to their own audience.

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